Athlete of the Week

Its a Tuxedo Tornadoes Twofer! Basketball players Matthew Keech Murillo and Jimi Reedy are our “Athletes of the Week.” Reedy, a junior on the boy’s varsity team put up 20+ points in his last two games. Coach Takeuchi says he challenged Reedy during half-time in the game against Florida to score in the paint at least once. “He proceeded to score on three consecutive drives to the basket; going above and beyond what I challenged him to do.” 

Eighth grader Matthew Keech Murillo gave “110% during this week’s game” says modified boy’s coach Jenna Park. Park says Keech Murillo “hustles up and down the court on every single play with a smile on his face, and takes constructive criticism while also building up his team.”

Congratulations Jimi and Matthew!