Student sewing

Let ‘em sew, let ‘em sew, let ‘em sew….

George Grant Mason Elementary second graders got a lesson in sewing Wednesday morning; starting the day stitching and stuffing a fabric snowman. Before our budding seamstress and seamsters got to work, Ms. Blume walked the class through the steps of threading, piercing and pulling the needle. Their directions were capped with a safety reminder, because needles can be sharp! Ms. Blume reminded everyone, “if you need to get up, poke the needle in your tomato!” 

 With the help from five of our classroom mothers, students began sewing the seam along the edge of their fabric snowman, guiding their handpicked thread carefully and creating a whipstitch. Once they were nearly complete, it was time to stuff the snowman and seal it up.

 Ms. Blume said the reason she wanted to do a lesson in sewing was simple, “its an important skill to have.” It also teaches students, “patience” and “fine motor skills.” 

 It also created an occasion for camaraderie and collaboration. As each snowman was completed, classmates turned to help each other and compliment one another’s work. Some jokes were also shared. What would a snowman say if he could talk?  “I’m a cool snowman” or “there is snow place like home!”