Town of Tuxedo Police Department’s new Chief of Police, John Trazino visited George F. Baker High School students on Monday for this week’s PACE period. At the start of his presentation, detailing how to stay safe during an emergency, Chief Trazino told those gathered in the school’s auditorium that he is there for them in his new role. He reminded students they should never be afraid of contacting the police when there is an emergency.

The chief walked students through the types of emergency events including “Shelter in Place,” “Hold in Place,” “Evacuation,” “Lockouts” and “Lockdowns.” The core of his message was “Run, hide or fight,” which is what students should do in the case of an active shooter.

Chief Trazino told students to think critically and make good decisions, “Use your common sense and rationalize what is going on in order to get away from the danger.” He reminded them all, “You are the eyes and ears of the community.

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