International Day of Peace

Pinwheels are in full bloom on the front lawn of the #TuxedoUFSD campus. George Grant Mason Elementary students marked the United Nations' International Day of Peace with a morning ceremony featuring song, poetry and the planting of their 'Pinwheels for Peace.’

Faculty and staff joined family and friends for the event led and curated by Art teacher Mr. Stankiewicz, who highlighted that this was the school’s 14th gathering for the day of peace.

Before a rendition of “Let There be Peace on Earth” conducted by music teacher Cailin Cienki, several students gave their definition of peace.

They detailed how they find peace with flowers, a nap, quiet, helping others, being nice, being happy, playing tag, including others, or listening.

As the classes spread out to plant their pinwheels in the ground, the sound of Cat Stevens’ “Peace Train” filled the air, encouraging everyone in the crowd to “jump on,” because “something good has begun.”

Then, with the pinwheels at feet forming a giant peace sign, students stood in a circle with their hands clasped together and the sun shining on their faces.

A reminder for us all to give peace a chance.