NJHS works with PORE to create birdboxes

On Tuesday, March 16th, members of the National Junior Honor Society went with Kelly Spranger and Louise Maretzo to help the PORE committee of Tuxedo install bird boxes. Sue Scher and Ginny O'Neill were also present and representing the PORE group (Parks Outdoor Recreation Entertainment). Under the direct supervision of Tom Fuller, our local bird expert, they installed 2 bird boxes (that were assembled by the students previously) in the lower field of the original Study of Insects Station. This area is being revitalized by the Tuxedo organization to become a Pollination Station for butterflies and other pollinators. The field will also be a home to these bird boxes which hopefully will attract blue birds which are endangered. Donald "Doc" Bayne, the President of the Friends of Sterling Forest State Park (and our local expert on "all things nature"), did a short presentation and led the students on a hike to the site and explained what it used to look like through photographs of the original area. The PORE committee in Tuxedo is actively looking for volunteers to rid the field of invasive plant species and to monitor the bird boxes. These efforts will help our Pollination Station grow in Tuxedo Park. If any students would like to participate in future pollinating activities, please feel free to contact Kelly Spranger at kellyspranger@msn.com or Ginny O'Neill at goneill@rcls.org.