GFB Picture Day

GFB School Picture Information:

GFB School Pictures will be on February 5th (Crimson) and 9th (Gray) to accommodate both cohorts of students.  Your child's picture date will depend upon the week they are in school.   Attached you will find the flyer with information about school pictures.
1. The Gray Cohort received a hard copy of the flyer and the picture order packet on Friday, January 22nd.   Please ask your student for this information if they have not given it to you already.
2. The Crimson Cohort will receive a hard copy of the flyer and the picture order packet on Tuesday, January 26th and Wednesday, January 27th.  Be on the lookout for this information.
3. For students who are 100% remote, we will mail you the packet and the flyer.
4. The flyer shows the date when each cohort will have their pictures taken.  ***Please note that the 6th grade will have their pictures taken on the 5th only. 
5. For students who are 100% remote and would like to have their picture taken, appointments can be made to bring your child in between 3pm and 4pm on either February 5th or 9th.  There will be a separate photographer in both GGM and GFB.  You may sign up for the same time if you have students in both schools.  Please contact Mr. Takeuchi to set up an appointment at
or by calling (845)-351-4786 ext. 2101.

Mark Stankiewicz
Visual Arts Teacher, Yearbook, Art Club, Set Design
George F. Baker High School                                
Tuxedo, NY 10987