Dental Month at GGM

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month (NCDHM) and the George Grant Mason Elementary School took part in celebrating it!  To increase awareness of dental health, Mrs. Bussard sent home dental packets for families grades K-6 to promote dental health and asked the school to participate in a “Sugarless Wednesday.”  The idea behind “Sugarless Wednesday” is to become more aware of healthy nutritional choices as well as the impact of diet on teeth and overall health.  On Wednesday, February 12th (with a makeup date of February 19th if an emergency day is utilized) the children and faculty at the George Grant Mason School will accept the challenge to go through an entire day without sugar.  The “survivors” will receive a “Sugarless Wednesday Survivor Certificate.”  Lastly, Mrs. Bussard arranged for Tuxedo’s local dentist, Dr. Se-A Chung, from Alpha & Omega Dental to visit kindergarten and first grade on February 12th.