Tuxedo Summer Bridge and EdCamp Program

And...that's a wrap!

Thank you for an incredible first season! We couldn't be happier to have had you part of the "Great Summer of 2021".

About the 2021 program

TPFYI, the local Tuxedo Park newsletter, highlighted this year's Tuxedo Summer Bridge & EdCamp in a feature article this past July. It explains the program's progressive approach to addressing COVID-19 learning loss through an SEL-focused curriculum that incorporated academic skill-building.

Tuxedo Summer Bridge & EdCamp Program Celebrates a Successful First Week Complete with Trip to The New York Botanical Gardens (Posted 7/28/21), TPFYI Feature Article

"Tuxedo Summer Bridge & EdCamp is a multi-sensory educational program that offers enriching experiences both in and outside the classroom," Nicole Scariano, founder of the program and former interim Superintendent of Schools for Tuxedo, explains.  

This innovative program has gained tremendous popularity with families residing in and outside the boundaries of the Tuxedo school district.  Families who wish to register their child are now waitlisted due to popularity.

The program, funded by federal and state grants, is to address learning loss from COVID-19 pandemic and has exceeded all expectations.  "It's NOT summer school, it's a summer educational program." Scariano explains.  

Each week students go on a field trip and then create an artifact to add to their growing Summer Bridge Museum.  The museum will be open to visitors on August 27th, the last day of the program, as a showcase of all that students have learned and created.  

The program runs July 21 - August 27 and has its own Instagram page: @tuxedosummerbridge .

The Great Summer of 2021 Pop-Up Museum

A video tour of the museum is now available on YouTube: https://youtu.be/i90Y10FdQ7M

Each week students would go on a field trip and then create an artifact to add to the museum. K-12 student works on exhibit and inspired by the following experiences:

In the News:

The COVID-19 global pandemic has impacted our children in profound ways that affect their education, achievement and social emotional wellbeing. The 2021 Tuxedo Summer Bridge & EdCamp Program responds to what we know our children need, whether that’s summer education with peers or learning support for a strong September start.

Nicole Scariano  

   Founding Program Director

Program Overview

  • It’s not a summer school, it’s a summer educational program for students  K-12

  • 100% in-person, there is no hybrid or remote option

  • 6-week program: Wednesday, July 21st - Friday, August 27th

  • Breakfast and lunch included at no cost

  • This is FREE for all Tuxedo school district residents including Tuxedo public school students, students
    currently tuitioning in, private school students, and homeschool students

  • If room allows, it will be available for out-of-district students at $485. At this time, out-of-district students will need their own transportation to/from program.

Missed the May 18th informational session for families? Copies of the brochure and course interest survey are available at the GGM and GFB main office. A printable version is available for download as well: Please click here to access the PDF.


  • Increases a child’s confidence in themselves as learners and ability to learn and achieve great things

  • Supports a child's transition from hybrid and remote schooling back to full in-person schooling

  • Provides opportunities for supported practice and relearning collaborative problem-solving and
    relationship building skills

  • Builds sense of classroom community over the summer for the first-day-of-school excitement feelings we all know and miss

  • Engages children in experiential learning through Tuxedo’s Community-As-School Project

  • Hands-on experiential educational and social-emotional learning curriculum that addresses learning loss from the COVID-19 global pandemic


The Great Summer of 2021 Window Painting

*This program is an educational program, not a summer camp. Both serve very important and different purposes. Our program strengthens the academic and social-emotional skills needed for a strong September start.

Note that we purposely did not call this a "summer school" because that it implies students failed and no student has failed the pandemic. This is also why we added the word "Camp" to the title.