Tuxedo Summer Bridge and EdCamp Program

For 2021 Parents & Students

In the News:

The COVID-19 global pandemic has impacted our children in profound ways that affect their education, achievement and social emotional wellbeing. The 2021 Tuxedo Summer Bridge & EdCamp Program responds to what we know our children need, whether that’s summer education with peers or learning support for a strong September start.

Nicole Scariano  

   Founding Program Director

Program Overview

  • It’s not a summer school, it’s a summer educational program for students  K-12

  • 100% in-person, there is no hybrid or remote option

  • 6-week program: Wednesday, July 21st - Friday, August 27th

  • Breakfast and lunch included at no cost

  • This is FREE for all Tuxedo school district residents including Tuxedo public school students, students
    currently tuitioning in, private school students, and homeschool students

  • If room allows, it will be available for out-of-district students at $485. At this time, out-of-district students will need their own transportation to/from program.

Missed the May 18th informational session for families? Copies of the brochure and course interest survey are available at the GGM and GFB main office. A printable version is available for download as well: Please click here to access the PDF.


  • Increases a child’s confidence in themselves as learners and ability to learn and achieve great things

  • Supports a child's transition from hybrid and remote schooling back to full in-person schooling

  • Provides opportunities for supported practice and relearning collaborative problem-solving and
    relationship building skills

  • Builds sense of classroom community over the summer for the first-day-of-school excitement feelings we all know and miss

  • Engages children in experiential learning through Tuxedo’s Community-As-School Project

  • Hands-on experiential educational and social-emotional learning curriculum that addresses learning loss from the COVID-19 global pandemic


*This program is an educational program, not a summer camp. Both serve very important and different purposes. Our program strengthens the academic and social-emotional skills needed for a strong September start.

Note that we purposely did not call this a "summer school" because that it implies students failed and no student has failed the pandemic. This is also why we added the word "Camp" to the title.