Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be testing my child?
Your child will be evaluated by district professional personnel. 

Who will be at the CSE meeting?
The Committee is comprised of the Chairperson, a School Psychologist, a General Education Teacher, a Special Education Teacher, Parent(s), Parent Member and other people who possess knowledge or special expertise regarding the student- including related services personnel as appropriate.

Do I get the chance to see the reports before the meeting?
Reports are to be shared with Parents prior to the Committee meeting. 

What if I don't agree with the Committee's decision?
Should your concerns not be resolved through the Committee, or informally through discussions with the District, Special Education Mediation, a voluntary process is available. You have a right to request, in writing, timely mediation run by a qualified and impartial mediator. Should mediation fail to resolve the issue, you have the right to request an Impartial Hearing. Additional information on Mediation and Due Process Proceedings can be found in "Special Education in New York State for Children Ages 3-21: A Parent's Guide" which is provided to all parents of students referred to the CSE. This publication is available at

What is an Annual Review?
At least once a year, you and other members of the Committee will review your child’s IEP. Together, you will make decisions about any necessary changes to your child’s program. This is called an annual review. At least once every three years, we will reevaluate your child. This is called a reevaluation (formerly called the triennial evaluation).

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