Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Policy for Students

The Board of Education of the Tuxedo Union Free School District(the District) is committed to the goals of improved student learning and effective teaching. The Board believes that access to computer networks, including the Internet and other technologies, can be an effective and valuable educational and research tool. The Board further believes that the computer network system, through software applications, online databases, bulletin boards, and the Internet, and emerging features and uses of an electronic network, will significantly enhance student learning, as well as provide local, statewide, national and global communications opportunities for staff and students. Therefore, it is the policy of the Board to support and encourage the use of computers and computer-related technology in order to support open research and education in the District. The use of the computer network system for other purposes, including but not limited to for-profit or commercial activity, personal business or illegal activity is prohibited.

All users of the District’s computer network system, including but not limited to electronic equipment, electronic mail, and the Internet, must understand that use is a privilege, not a right, and that such use entails responsibility on the part of the user. Computer access will be provided by the District for each student and staff member who completes and submits the appropriate Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). In order to assure the integrity of the computer network system in the District, each account holder must agree to act responsibly and to comply with this Policy and its implementing Regulations. Therefore, prior to the establishment of a user account by the District, each student member and staff member must sign an AUP. In the case of students, the student’s parent or guardian must also sign the AUP. The Superintendent of Schools shall develop rules and regulations governing the use and security of the District’s computer network system.

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