Instructional Technology

Here at Tuxedo, we are a 1:1 school district with the elementary students utilizing Chromebooks and Chrome Tablets with the secondary students using the HP Chromebooks. This integration of instructional technology allows for differentiation of instruction, assessments and promotes collaboration and communication for the students and staff.

Our program is designed to provide relevant learning opportunities that allow ALL STUDENTS to become active and effective participants in the learning process. The district connects components of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and actively engages students in project-based, collaborative learning environments that incorporates and promotes the use of higher-level thinking, digital technologies, content-driven problem-solving skills, and alternative assessment in each class.

The George F. Baker High School has implemented a Google Workspace for Education initiative within the high school. Every student in grades 6 - 12 is provided with an HP Google Chromebook for the academic year. Students use their Chromebooks throughout their classes where they are able to take notes, share work electronically, and collaborate with their fellow classmates on various projects. The Chromebooks provide our students with greater access to resources and materials while reducing the amount of paper used in each class.

For George Grant Mason elementary students, preK-2 classes are issued 1:1 Chrome Tablets and 3-5 will use HP Chromebooks for the academic year in conjunction with Google workspace for education. These devices help to foster students' confidence and skills regarding problem-solving, collaboration and provides for higher level thinking in all content areas.